Space Topic

Alien Crash landing!

An Alien spacecraft crash landed at Blakeney in January 2020.

But don’t worry, Sailor Class were on the case!

Sailor Class discovered the space craft in the playground and immediately cornered off the area and began investigating. They found numerous clues including; slime, bones, an encrypted code and 2 Alien eggs.

Eventually Sailors managed to crack the code and discovered it was a message asking for help.

They wasted no time contacting the Alien and agreed to help fix his spacecraft. In return, the Alien helped them on their learning journey to become space experts.

As time passed Sailors and the Alien became good friends and the Alien invited them to visit his planet ‘Rolias’ to return his repaired space craft and visit his home.

Preparation was paramount.

The Alien informed us that the sun was so bright on planet ‘Rolias’ that, if we opened our eyes, even for a second, we could be blinded for life! The Sailors investigated many materials, researching transparent, translucent, opaque and reflective materials to help them design special goggles to protect their eyes. They studied the order of the planets, other astronauts, and many other criteria to give them enough knowledge to embark on their space adventure.

The school minibus has a secret, ‘super jet speed’ button, so Sailors decided to travel to ‘Rolias’ in the minibus. It needed a few alterations however; control panels, buttons, space guides, communication devices and weights to keep it grounded in zero gravity.

It was a bumpy journey into space, we almost got hit by a meteorite and took a wrong turning at Jupiter but we all arrived safely! The Alien gave us a tour of his ice cave using our senses of touch, smell and hearing (remember, we couldn’t open our eyes) and Sailors returned his spacecraft and eggs safely before returning home. The trip was a success!

It was an ‘out of this world’ learning journey for Sailor Class!